Saturday, March 12, 2011

Arizona Day 4

Pat, Sonja, and "Beaver" checking out an item at the garage sales


Saguaro (left) and Superstition (right) Mountains

Saguaro Lake

Pudge standing outside the SunRidge Canyon Club House

Practice hole

Entrance to the Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ
I'm so proud of my Cousin Pat!

At 7:15 this morning we were going out the door to start our adventure of the "garage sale" in the community, which is held twice a year. We hopped onto the golf cart and made it only a few doors down where we started to find bargains. I got a darling jacket, Pat got some wine glasses, and I'm not sure what Janet and Gemma found. We continued to drive from place to place, hopping out and checking out the wares. Using a golf cart is a lot easier than a car or van. After an hour and a half or so, we came home to drop off our finds and get a little snack. As luck would have it, two of our friends from school days arrived, and joined us. We shopped more and then all of us came back to Pat and Pudge's for a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon, Pudge drove Janet, Gemma and I to the Saguaro Mountains. We saw so many cactus varieties again. Some of them are quite old. Pudge drove us down to Saguaro Lake, too, where we saw folks fishing and boating. The sky was a gorgeous blue - not a cloud in the sky.

We continued on to the beautiful cities of Fountain Hills and Scottsdale. Pudge delighted in showing us a beautiful golf course, SunRidge Canyon, which is surrounded by big mansions. This course is ranked #26 in the county by Golf World Magazine in 2008.

Tonight we saw the tap dance recital of Pat's. It sure was a good show - so much fun!

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