Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Computer

My eight year old computer died on Wednesday. It was rather sick on Monday night. Tuesday I had a little hope that it might be able to be fixed (a co-worker did a bunch of tests on it for me and cleared up some issues). But on Wednesday the hard drive gave up the ghost and breathed its last. I took out the hard drive and bent it good so no one could possibly retrieve anything from it, and donated the rest of it to a friend. She plans to buy a hard drive and will use it for simple job searches. For me, that computer was too old and too slow for me to fix it up.

After some research and shopping in four stores, I settled on a new Dell laptop. The technicians at the store installed "ESET Smart Security 4" on it and I picked it up today. I turned it on about 45 minutes ago and like the touch of the keys very much. It is much quicker in response time. Plus it has a built in camera and microphone so I can video conference easier with my kids and grandkids. What do you think? Do you like the way I'm writing? Let me tell you, I sure missed not having a working computer in my home the past three nights. It amazes how much I have become used to having it.

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