Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend with Aurelia

La, la, la, la

She loved driving our grocery cart.

Peder opening her little bag of fish crackers outside the restaurant.

Saturday morning Peder and Sarah brought Aurelia to stay with me. I love it when she comes - - running into my home, proclaiming, "Hi, Grandma D!" After giving me a big hug, she ran to see Peppi. Then she was off to play my piano - another ritual of hers. :-)

I love it that she looks around when she's at my house, especially when we're eating at my kitchen table. I have five Dutch tiles under my kitchen window - next to the table. She loves reciting the images on the tiles - church organ; house; church; kitchen; dining room. She also loves repeating the names of her cousins whose photos grace my refrigerator. I remember once when Josiah stayed with me one. He was sitting in the same chair as Aurelia. While eating, and studying everything on my walls, he said to me, "Grandma, I like your plates." If you know me at all, you know that pleased me!

In the afternoon, we had a wonderful time at Target, where we had a photo shoot together, and did a little shopping. It was fun going through all of the Christmas decoration aisles and looking at this and that. She loves the trees and snowmen.

Sunday we went to church. This time she went to the nursery and I was told she was a very good girl (I knew she would be). Following this we went out to eat with Peder and Sarah in celebration of their birthdays - Sarah's on Friday; Peder's on Saturday.

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