Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nice Surprise!

Here I sit in my cottage, watching the Vikings playing the Tigers, waiting for my dinner which is baking in the oven. The scents are wonderful - Swiss steak, squash, and baked potato (I love fall meals!). After checking my email account, family blogs, and Facebook, I decided to Google one of my favorite restaurants, "The Original Pancake House." I guess the reason is because I heard, and I've had it confirmed by one of the waitresses there, that Visanthe Shiancoe and Brett Favre eat there about once a week. Actually, she told me Visanthe eats there every week. Brett and his wife usually eat there once a week. She went on to tell me one day someone took a photo of her, some of the other waitress and the Favres which appeared on a Monday night football game. Anyway, to my surprise, I discovered this restaurant not only is present in the twin cities, but is national! There is one in Seattle, several in the Chicago area, and many other areas around the US. So, if you click on The Original Pancake House, you can see a picture of my favorite dish: the apple pancake. Then you can check to see if there's a restaurant near you where you can taste it for yourself.

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I Love Barbershop said...

It looks wonderful. I can almost smell the apples.
Your dinner smells good too!