Friday, November 06, 2009


Good music is a big part of my life. For that reason, I am involved in the traditional choir at my church. I choose to go to good quality musicals at the Bloomington Civic Theater. I’ve ushered at the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra over ten years. I also bought a canary when I could no longer have my cats (those darn allergies). I could give more examples.

Each year, birds go through a molting period. For my canaries (Tweety, Bocelli, and now Peppi), it is a time of quietness – no singing, lots of sleeping, and tons of feathers on the floor. I should have picked the feathers up by hand, rather that the vacuum, to save them for little pillows – canary down – but it always seems better for me to just get rid of them.

The molt seems to affect Peppi more than it did the others. He hasn’t sung since at least the beginning of September – I should write it down when I start noticing the feathers. I have spoken to a canary breeder and he tells me I must encourage him to sing before December starts or he may never sing again. Therefore, I have been playing classical music, singing to him, running the water more, and leaving a light on in his room after sunset, all in the hopes of hearing him sing again.

Yesterday morning during breakfast, the blinds were open as I watched for the sunrise – something we haven’t seen much of late in Minnesota (clouds, clouds, clouds). All of a sudden Peppi chirped. Wow! I got all excited and “peeped” back to him. “Peep, peep,” he sang. I hurried to my stereo and started the CD of canary songs. Peppi started joining in. He sang and sang. His songs weren’t long, but clear and good. This morning was a repeat of yesterday. I am thrilled to hear him sing again. And there are no more feathers on the floor!

Along with this, a dear friend sent me this link to a fascinating U-tube on piano stairs: click here to watch and listen. It's fun. Enjoy!

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