Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aurelia wearing her kitty hat (part of her Halloween costume)


Peder and Aurelia treated me today by coming to my office so I could see Aurelia in her Halloween costume. Unfortunately, she would only wear the hat portion. I got to show her around to some of my friends. Author Beverly Lewis happened to be visiting today and told me she would like to meet Aurelia. That was an honor for me to have the two of them meet. Aurelia told Beverly and a few of our editors, “It’s nice to meet you.” That was a proud moment for Grandma D.

We also got to have a little lunch together at Burger King. Aurelia loves their apple fries (apples sliced like French fries).


j said...

Hi Donna - I just wanted to say that you've posted a few pictures of yourself lately and you look absolutely AMAZING! What a beautiful, proud Grandma you are!

Have a great weekend:)

DD4 said...

Thank you, Jodi. As for being a proud Grandma, I most definitely am.