Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video Conferencing

In May Rachel gave me a video camera so I could video conference with them. I opened an account so I could use the same program as they, but didn’t get around to trying it until this past Sunday night. I plugged the camera into my computer and “Walla!” A message came up saying my computer “recognized the USB.” That’s good! I went to my new account and searched and searched for a button to click, allowing me start the process. Finding none, I emailed Hans for some help. He said, “Do you have such and such installed? You’ll need that.” No, I didn’t. So, I Googled the product and clicked “Download.” This whole download process took 50 minutes. By this time it was 8:50 pm – my time. It was 3:50 am in Germany. I emailed Hans to let him know I had completed it. The only reason he was still up was due to him watching the Twins in the playoff game on his computer. He suggested I try again on Monday during my lunch hour.

Monday noon came. I was in my cottage and booted up my computer. I looked for a button for “Hans” to click to indicate I wanted to video conference with him. No such luck. Ring, Ring, Ring. I answered my phone and it was Hans, calling to talk me through the process. In a few minutes I was seeing his whole family sitting in their living room and they were seeing me. Talk about exciting! I could see them and hear them “clear – as – a – bell,” so they say. The kids were adorable! Rachel looked beautiful; Hans looked handsome. I hadn’t seen him in 13 months – a very long time for a mother to not see her son.

Annika recited part of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. I said I didn’t know and did she have any ideas. She said I could be a leopard and suggested I go to Toys R Us to buy my costume. I told her I have some high heels for her to play with the next time she comes to visit me. She wanted to know what they look like. I hope she doesn’t forget to ask me for them. I also told her she could try on my wedding dress. Josiah came up to the computer with a tan blanket over his back and part of his head. Grandma, I’m a bear! His smile melts my heart. We had lots of fun exchanges.

I guess we talked about a half hour. Rachel stood so I could see how she looks – and she looks great! Bless her heart. I thanked her for the camera. What a neat gift. I know I’ll get to see their new baby, Will, once he is born and gets home. This video conferencing is amazing! It would be fun if Heidi and Chad get one someday too.

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MamaD4 said...

Wow, first you have a reader in Vietnam!

It was nice to finally get the camera working and see your happy face and cottage again too!

Hopefully, hopefully we'll have our new little face to show off next time we videoconference!