Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aurelia's at my house

Good Morning!

Aurelia at the Minnesota Orchard

Which one should I buy?

Getting squeeky clean and having fun!

A future member for our choir? I hope so.

Last evening Aurelia came to spend a couple of nights with me. She was adorable as she entered my home saying, "Grandma D! Hi, Grandma D!" She was so happy to see me again. Then she went to say hi to Peppi. We had a little supper and then played with the dolls and puppets in my cottage.

At bedtime we curled up on my bed to read a few books. Aurelia said, "Grandma D's bed." She looked up at the potted plants above my bed and said, "Grandma D's flowers." It's only been the past few weeks that I've heard her say "Grandma D," and I think it's so cute!

Today we shopped for a few groceries, including some Honeycrisp apples and then went for a drive in the country to a couple of apple orchards, looking for a pumpkin for Aurelia and a chance to look at the fall foliage. Driving up to the Minnesota Orchard was awesome - Maple trees ablaze with yellows and oranges on my right, trees bending with apples on my left. The rows of apple trees were labeled either Harelson or Empire. Pulling up to the parking area, we spotted horses, many horses. Some being ridden by children and adults - in a row, some tied to posts, eating their lunch. This particular orchard was really crowded, both outside around the pumpkin displays, and indoors at the restaurant, bakery and apple tasting booths. Aurelia and I tasted an apple and made our way outside to see a little goat and a few more horses. The crowds were too much, so I headed to one of the other places we had passed earlier.

We stopped at a garden shop that sold primarily pumpkins and fall mums, corn stalks, gourds and decorative kale - or maybe it is decorative cabbage. Regardless, it is very pretty. I suggested to Aurelia she chose a pumpkin to take home. She went right to the small pumpkins and picked out one. Even though it is a pie pumpkin, I let her get it because it seemed to fit her. This year, along with the standard orange pumpkins, I saw the white ones, and new to me this year, a dull, light, squatty orange one they are calling the "Cinderella" pumpkin.

Tonight after eating pigs in a blanket, peas, tater tots, and an apple for supper, we played in the cottage for a little while. I turned on my computer and together Aurelia and I looked at pictures of my newest grandson, and her newest cousin, Will. She got to see cousins Annika and Josiah holding him. When she noticed I was crying, she said, "Grandma D, are you happy?" I am so happy! You can see the pictures of Will here. Aurelia has had a bath and been read to and is now sleeping soundly. She is an angel.


Sarita said...

This makes my heart smile. Thank you so much Donna

Pat said...

What a neat weekend with Relia. Many memories were created. Sounds to me like it could not have been better. The pictures are too adorable for words. Donna, you are blessed and you do know it.