Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Newest Temptation

Last week a friend of mine brought me a treat, the McGriddle from McDonald's. BIG MISTAKE! I found it to be absolutely delicious! So much so that I can't stop salivating for another. Yesterday I purposely drove past my local McDonald's so I could satisfy my hunger.

Here's what it is: the bottom layer is a small maple-flavored pancake, the size of a hamburger patty. Emblazoned on the pancake is the symbol of the golden arches. Next is a sausage patty - delicious, not spicy hot. On top of that is scrambled egg - maybe one, maybe two. I'm not sure. Topping that is cheese. The final layer is another maple-flavored pancake with the darling golden arches. Currently they are on sale for 2/$3.33. What a deal! You buy two and give one to a friend.

Yesterday I told my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Allan about them. They may try them on Saturday morning. I wonder if they'll get hooked too!


Brian said...

I hate to ruin this for you, but each one has 566 cal. Sorry

Sarah said...

McDonalds claims another DeFor victim.