Thursday, November 22, 2007

Josiah and Annika

Josiah and Annika are in Minnesota (with their parents, of course) for a short visit before moving to Germany. I'm enjoying every time I have gotten to see them!

Yesterday Rachel brought them out to my office. Before they arrived, I brought Snowball, our big office cat, to my cubicle, and placed Cow in our upstairs loft. These were promotional props for a couple of the children's books previously published by our company. As soon as Annika came up the stairway, she noticed Cow and ran over to him to give him a big hug. As you can see, Cow is BIG, but that didn't stop Annika and Josiah from trying to carry him around. They played with Snowball too. It was so cute.

People in my department came to my office to see the kids and commented on how much they have grown and changed since September 2006 - the last time they came to visit. Our office has such a family atmosphere. Everyone looks forward to kids and grand kids paying a visit.

After getting out of work, I drove downtown to join Rachel and the kids and together we went to Macy's 8th floor Christmas show. This year they're featuring The Nutcracker. Josiah was so intrigued that he wanted to get up on the little stages and interact with the movable characters. He noticed everything - even when the music started over from the beginning. Annika enjoyed it too. At the conclusion, we got into the queue to see Santa. To our amazement - there was no one else in line. As soon as Josiah saw Santa sitting on his throne, he ran up to him - arms out-stretched. He told Santa about his trains. We aren't sure if he asked for anything, but we got a darling photo of Josiah with Santa. We picked the best time to go to this event as most people were probably traveling or home preparing their Thanksgiving dinner.

Today I drove to Rochester to have Thanksgiving with Janet, Jerry, Lynn and her family, and Keith and Alex. We had a delicious dinner and a good visit. Hans, Rachel, Josiah and Annika also stopped by. Once again, it was lots of fun seeing them. The little ones liked Janet's fall decorations, and were very impressed when she brought out an American Girl Bitty Baby with lots of clothes and pretend food. At one point, Annika took off her shoes and tried to put on one of the doll's shoes. It was hilarious!

I'm getting some good photos of them. These will have to last me until Rachel starts posting more on her blog. I know it has been tiring for Hans and Rachel to go from house to house to see the relatives, but we sure appreciate it! Thank you!

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