Monday, June 11, 2007

Baby Shower

Yesterday afternoon friends and family members of Sarah and Peder gathered together to visit, play a few games, eat, and give gifts to the new little one who is due in about 60 days. Yes, the time is going fast (maybe not fast enough for Sarah)!

Heidi provided a fun time, including a version of the game charades, using items intended for the care of a baby. She also provided ones-ies in various sizes, with colored laundry markers, asking the guests to draw designs on them. It was fun to learn there were so many artists in the group. The new baby will have many choices of clothing to wear.

For food, there were fruit and veggie trays, mixed nuts and cup cakes with either pink or blue booties, plus lemonade or water. It was just perfect.

We all oohed and ahhed as Sarah opened the gifts.

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