Saturday, June 09, 2007

An Afternoon for Mother and Daughter

At last I got to spend some time with Heidi again, for which I am very happy. She looks wonderful (as always) and except for not having had much sleep since Thursday, was feeling great.

I picked her up at Peder's after getting out of work at noon. The first thing we both wanted was lunch. We headed to one of my favorite restaurants - - the Convention Grill. This is an establishment that has been around since at least 1934. Their specialties are delicious, hand formed hamburgers with homemade hamburger buns, fresh cut French fries, and malts. Heidi, bless her heart, has not eaten a single French fry in over 14 months! I don't know how she does it, but she knows they aren't good for our bodies, so she has made a decision not to have any. Of course, I don't have that will-power, so I ordered some. She never even asked for just one. We split a delicious cheese burger and a chocolate/banana malt. Oh, she had a salad also (good girl!).

Next we walked around Normandale Lake, which is really pretty. The distance is 1.9 miles. She breezed up the inclines; I puffed and puffed while making it up. Of course, she is still under 30!! Since walking in the 3 day, 60 mile walk for breast cancer last year, she continues to walk a lot, so she is in great shape. [I'm working on it.]

Now on to Southdale Mall, the oldest indoor mall in the U.S., to do a little shopping. Heidi was sad to see the downward changes at this mall that was once the showcase shopping area of the twin cities. She worked at one of its shops when she was in high school.

After getting what we wanted at the mall, we headed to a grocery store to get some food for Sarah's baby shower tomorrow. Following that we drove back to Peder and Sarah's to relax and wait for Sarah and Peder to get home from work.

Oh, how fun it was to have some time to spend with my daughter!

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