Tuesday, June 06, 2017

It's Time to Purge

Over the years, I have been a collector—not a hoarder. There is a big difference. I have had spoon collections; Amish decor such as faceless dolls, prayer caps, wall quilt, and even authentic Amish children's used clothes, hung on Amish made wooden hangers; ruby red glassware, milkglass (vases, baskets, etc.); cobalt blue collection of vases and other beautiful cobalt blue pieces; cranberry glass vases and pitchers; DVDs and VHS tapes; long play records; cookbooks (I had over 375 of them!); salt glazed pottery; you get the idea. I have no idea of the dollar amount I have spent over the years for these and other items. Knowing what I do now, I wish I had had more control. But I digress.

I'm now collecting empty bins. It''s a good thing!

Another car trunk full on my way to Value Village
In the last few months, I have begun purging. I have gone through clothes closets, book cases, and bins in my garage. I have made many trips to a local charity and am making progress. I have a lot to go through, but I'm committed to do this.

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