Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Weekend with My Friend, Joannie

Saturday I flew to Chicago to spend the weekend with my dear friend, Joannie. Joannie is an MD practicing at the University of Chicago. I met her in 1993 at my church when she was in her residency here in Minnesota.

Joannie picked me up at the airport in her yellow VW Beetle convertible—with the top down. The weather in the Chicago area was beautiful, so it was appropriate. We took off from the airport and headed to the Skyway which would take us to Indiana where we would visit Joannie's sister who is in a nursing home and then visit my Aunt Ginny who recently moved to a lovely assisted living home.

Aunt Ginny and yours truly

Entrance to Moody Church

Choir and orchestra and Moody Church

Sunday we walked (two miles) to Moody Church. I had never been there before but had heard so many good things about it. First off, I was so impressed with the choir. There must have been 120 or 130 voices, and some were young people and some were older. Some wore robes and some didn't. There was also a full orchestra. I loved the music that was selected. And then came the sermon. I really enjoyed that, too.

Abraham Lincoln statue in Lincoln Park

After church we walked about a block to Lincoln Park. A docent was there explaining to a bicycle tour group that this place used to be a cemetery were a couple thousand people were buried. At the same time a cholera outbreak occurred and the authorities determined the dead bodies buried so near Lake Michigan, their main source of drinking water back then, were the cause, so volunteers were solicited to dig up the bones and move them to a different location.

Chicago skyline

My friend, Dr. Joannie

From there we walked a short ways to a tunnel that took us under Lake Shore Drive. We made our way to a short wall where we sat to watch the water and people, plus take in the Chicago skyline. It  was such a lovely spot.

After a time, we walked about a half mile and again crossed under Lake Shore Drive. We were on a street with beautiful homes. I am sure they were pricey! I could imagine a movie being filmed in this location.

A few blocks from this the area changed to commercial buildings. Joannie knew of a fabulous restaurant there called "Hashbrowns Cafe." We went in and it didn't take me long to know this was going to be great. I ordered the blueberry pancakes and they were the best I have ever eaten!

Blueberry pancakes with vanilla sauce and strawberry jam

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