Friday, May 12, 2017

New York City, Day Three

Since Donna, Amy, Andrea, Morgan and Montana spent the night in the city, we were able to walk the couple of blocks from our hotel to meet them and walk through part of the "Garment District" to get to the subway. Along the way, we walked along the Fashion Walk of Fame and saw many of the big designer's plaques embedded in the sidewalks.

Going on the subway for the seven of us was a lot of fun. I was a lucky one to get a seat! This could be due to me walking with my cane and a passenger having pity on me.

L to R: Andrea, Heidi, yours truly, Montana, Amy

We took the subway to the station nearest the St. George Ferry Terminal where we boarded the ferry to Staten Island. From this ferry we had a great view of the Statue of Liberty.

The ride on the ferry was really relaxing and gave us time to visit and people watch. After making the round trip we walked toward Trinity Church taking time to have lunch in a little shop on the way.

Trinity Church is an Episcopal church on Wall Street which was founded in 1697. President Washington and Alexander Hamilton were regular worshipers there.

Amy, Donna and Montana outside Trinity Church

Grave stones at Trinity Church

Alexander Hamilton's grave stone

Only a block or two away is the 9/11 Memorial. I had been there before, so sat and watched others as they made their way around the memorial pools.

Heidi and Andrea
After spending some time at the memorial, we boarded the subway again and went to Chelsea Market. Since I had been there the previous day, I returned to my resting place in the market and the owner of the restaurant provided me with a big glass bottle of water and a nice drinking glass. Perfect! An hour or so later, some of our group formed across the hallway from me and took a well deserved break.

We took an Uber ride back to our relatives' hotel and bid them farewell. It was a wonderful, fun-filled time spent together and I believe it was a birthday Amy will long remember. Heidi and I were pretty well spent, so we stopped in a little shop on the way to our hotel and each bought a slice of pizza to eat in our room. On the way back, Heidi took this photo of me:

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