Tuesday, January 17, 2017

LaVonne's Wedding

When I first began working at Bethany Houses Publishers, LaVonne was one of my two bosses. She was dating a man, but after a time they broke up. Some time later she met another guy and they were an "item" for many years. I thought they would one day be married, but it was not to be. And then at her last birthday party at Bethany in September, she announced she was seeing a man, a widower, with 9 kids. I asked if the kids were home-schooled, and she replied affirmative. I could tell she was head over heels for this man. 

The next month she came to work sporting an engagement ring! Wow! That was fast! Then she announced they were getting married in January and that she would be leaving Bethany House in December. What a surprise that was to everyone.

Turns out her new husband lives on a farm in Wisconsin and he manufactures maple syrup, commercially. He has two adjoining farms with lots of maple trees on both. When it is not syrup time, he does carpentry. I must add that he is head over heels for LaVonne.

I was honored to be invited to the wedding. Here are some photos of the lovely event.
 Groom Dave walks his children down the aisle. It was neat to see.

 LaVonne being escorted down the aisle with her brother-in-law

 LaVonne and Dave reciting their vows

 After the ceremony, the sanctuary was transformed to make a larger dining room.

 My dear friend Nancy R and yours truly. Notice our delicious dinner! I have never tasted better roast beef. Prior to this we had a fabulous salad and dinner roll. Finally there was awesome wedding cake! The brown bottles on the table are complimentary bottles of maple syrup to take home.

 L to R: couple from the local church, LaVonne, and Ann and Jim Parrish

LaVonne showed some of us her darling vintage boots. 

LaVonne and Dave outside following the wedding

Sleigh rides were given following the wedding ceremony and prior to dinner. 

The happy couple


Pat said...

I really enjoyed these pictures and description of the wedding. It looks awesome. The sleigh ride was really neat. How fun this must have been.

Joanie Brooks said...

Thank for the pictures, Donna. Wish I could have been there!