Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dinner at Barb and Gary's

Since retiring, I have been invited to the homes of two choir members. The first was for lunch on Friday, January 20th. Marianne invited me and four others from choir. Had I still been working, I wouldn't have been able to attend. It was a lovely time around her table, where she served a delicious salad, home-made wild rice soup, croissants, and for dessert – cheesecake. I totally forgot to take any photos.

This past Wednesday night I was invited to the home of Barb and Gary for a Norwegian dinner. First of all, they live in a beautiful house - set among trees - and it is filled with many beautiful things. This time I remembered to take pictures, which I feel tell the feeling of the occasion.

 This is Barb and Gary's beautiful table.

Deviled eggs, cucumbers in vinegar, coleslaw, and already eaten: a delicious beet pickle.

Meatball and mashed potato wrapped in lefse and covered with gravy. So good!
Rhubarb/berry pie with whipped cream. Wow!

Seated left of me are Lois and Laurey
L to R: Barb (hostess), Michelle, Gary (host), and Brian

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