Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Remodeling Continues

While we haven't seen too many changes in our office this week, the workers have been just on the other side of the wall that separates us from what will be our new kitchen, dining room, and small conference room.

This is our lobby today. 
Going up the stairs, this is the view:
Up until now, this open doorway was the entrance to the photo studio. The interior walls have been demolished and soon this area, along with an additional 8 feet (more or less) will become our new large conference room—directly above our previous one on the first floor. This new one will be a bit longer, extending to include the area which was previously our mail room.  By the way, our tree in the middle of our lobby is still up for grabs. Anyone? I had contacted a local high school to see if they could use it. They sent over a couple of staff members who looked at it and liked it. They thought they had just the spot for it, but today I learned their grounds and building manager told them it wouldn't work. 

Looking across the atrium, one sees the former Reference Library. This will become the new office for Jim Parrish. Centered in the opening will be a large floor to ceiling window which will be identical to one of the windows of the large conference room. This office will be directly across from the new large conference room and the open window will allow all to see outdoors. My new office will be just to the right and across the hallway from Jim's office (far right side of this photo).

This photo shows the doorways to the mailroom and a former storage room. As of this week, they have been removed to become part of the new large conference room. I will have to take more photos to update this.

Workers doing demolition work inside the future large conference room.  More updates to follow.

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