Monday, September 29, 2014

Family Gathering

Heidi, Marshall and Corinne flew into Minneapolis late Friday night. Saturday we gathered at the barn with most of our Minnesota relatives and some family friends. Cousin Linda even drove up from Chicago! And Troy came in from India the previous night. It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed getting to eat and visit together. My cousin Pat came to the rescue and asked for my camera to take photos. Thank you, Pat, these capture our time together.

Janet and Aurelia in the foreground; Pat and Peder standing behind them

L to R: Chad, yours truly, Peder Doug, Levi, Lynn

Marshall and Heidi

Heidi, Chad, and yours truly

L to R: Janet, Linda, Leo, and Steve

In the foreground is Aurelia. L to R: Annika, Felix, Deborah, and Keith

This is Heidi's high school friend, Julia, with her husband and two children.

Andrea holding Corinne, with Marshall

Troy and Donna

L to R: Pudge, David and Jerry

I love this photo of Sarah and Peder

Corinne turned 7 months Saturday. We celebrated with this cake.

Revelation: Felix loves babies. He just loved holding Corinne, and he was good with her.

It was really nice to see everyone and Heidi and I were so glad people could come to meet Corinne for the first time. 

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Pat said...

It was a great time getting together. So very glad that I got to be there even if it was a short time.