Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Spring is here!

The weather really changed for the good this past weekend. It put me in the mood to get some flowers for outside my screened porch. It also spurred me into calling my brother and sister to see if they wanted to meet me somewhere halfway between our homes. Thankfully they were available and so we had a very nice time over lunch on Sunday.

For my way home, I decided to take an old U.S. highway that we took before the Interstate highways existed. [My kids may think the Interstates have always been around.] I drove from Owatonna to Faribault, enjoying the sights along this two lane highway. At one point I thought, my dad drove this same road. It made me feel good.

In Faribault I found the garden nursery that a local twin cities station has been advertising, Donahue's Greenhouse. They claimed to have a big variety of geraniums, one of my favorite outdoor plants. Pulling up to the curb, I noticed there were tulips blooming outside the building. Oh, how I love tulips! Walking into the nursery was wonderful! I have never seen so many gorgeous flowers in one store. Plus, there were beautiful bird baths, lawn decorations, and a big selection of items for fairy gardens—very popular now. They had an adorable fairy garden in a Red Ryder wagon. I was disappointed to not have my camera with me. But if click on their link, you can see for yourself.

I'm happy with the look of my plants and have been enjoying them very much!


Sarita said...

Tulips are one of my favorites too. Every spring I think "I should plant more bulbs this fall" but I never remember.

Pat said...

Geraniums! Tulips! Fairy Gardens! Flowers! Oh! How I would have enjoyed that. Temps are still a little on the cool side for me. And where is the bloody sun? It teases us once in awhile. I do like the longer days. AZ gets dark early because they do not observe daylight savings.