Friday, May 02, 2014


It's no news that things are always changing – even furniture in our homes changes by the hour – more dust accumulating on it unless it is being cleaned. This week two big changes have been revealed to me: first, the building in which I work is being sold. That doesn't mean we would be moving. Rather, we would have a new landlord. Also, our current space may be reduced by 4,000 square feet, in keeping with our new lease signed earlier this year. So, my little cubicle office location may be changing. It may be a little harder to get a good parking space. These things are no big deal. The second development has to do with my church. The smaller campus at which I often volunteer in the choir, is having a change in pastors and is no longer going to offer a traditional service. Thus, no need for choir members. This affects many people.

On a broader scope, our church hired a new pastor last summer. With that, we are noticing more changes week by week. Do I like all of them? Honestly, no.

Change is often uncomfortable - moving one into new territory. For some, it goes unnoticed; for others, it is a hard pill to swallow.

In February, my Uncle Allan passed away. That has been a huge change for my Aunt Ginny and her kids. It affects me, too. I have always known them as a "pair."

Also in February, my granddaughter Corinne was born. She is a welcome change! For Heidi, Chad, Marshall and Brian, they have had to make adjustments, but for me, she is one more darling to love and care about.

There is one change I am anxious to have happen: I would love the weather to warm up and the leaves to break out on the trees. I am so anxious for spring and to be outdoors again. Bring it on!

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Pat said...

Reason for selling the building? Am I right to assume it has nothing to do with jobs or changing the way your business operates? I have to admit that I am not crazy about a lot of change. I know it is necessary but that doesn't mean I have to like it. At least some changes--not all.