Monday, September 30, 2013

Plan B

My plan to put the new love seat in my cottage has been foiled. Reason: it is too large to fit in my hallway! I had no idea when I bought it that would be a problem. 

L to R: Jim, Dave H, Andy (back), Dave L (foreground)
The day started out by going to work. At noon, 4 of my co-workers came to my home (Dave H. owns a pick-up truck), and put their muscles together to move my hide-a-bed sofa to the truck and together we drove to Bridging, a local charity helping people coming out of homelessness and poverty. From Bridging, we drove to the furniture store where I bought the love seat and then back to my home. Again, more muscle was used to bring the love seat into my entryway - which was very tight. Before bringing it any further, Jim said perhaps we should measure the door opening and the hallway. Sadly, it would be a tight fit bringing through my entry door, but there was no way it would fit down my hallway—let alone through the cottage doorway. That left one option: it has to go in the living room.

This is probably not where I'll keep the love seat, but it will be in this room. I now need some time to figure out some furniture arrangements and decor. Do you like it?


I Love Barbershop said...

I like it a lot. It can really brighten up your living room and you already have the red pieces and the white ones too. I think you can make it work very well.

Pat said...

It sure is different than the blue and pink sofa bed. I am very sure you will be able to make this work. Not sure if the green you had picked out to paint the little cupboard would work now. But maybe--I would like to see it.