Sunday, September 29, 2013

Out With the Old . . .

I bit the bullet and made the first big step in redecorating my living room. Bear in mind, this project may take some time, but I'm ready for a change. Tomorrow I am donating this hide-a-bed sofa and pillows to charity. There is nothing wrong with it – honest – except that it is so out of style, and no longer my taste. It has served me well since Heidi went off to college in 1995. That's exactly when I bought it. Yes, it is 18 years old and still looks like new. I am hoping it goes to a home that is in need of such a piece.

This past week I bought a new love seat that has a Temper-pedic twin size hide-a-bed in it. It is going to go into my cottage, replacing this one which is going in my living room.

Once I have the new love seat in place and things moved around a bit, I'll post a new photo of each room.

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