Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm sporting the boot again!

A week ago I had my big toenail removed on my right foot. The week preceding, the nail was very sore and had discolored. The podiatrist took one look at it and announced it had to come off. She said it was an ingrown nail with a blood blister underneath it. All this time I thought the nail had a fungus due to its thickness. She told me the thickness in nails comes from age. Jeez. Thanks a lot!

For the first few days, I tried to wear a sandal on that foot, allowing the nail bed (bandaged) to have freedom. Also, to keep the pain away, as any weight or pressure on that bed really hurts. The sandal didn't work very well. With any walking, the leather would push the bandage off. Wednesday I resorted to my boot—the one I have had to wear twice before. While it is cumbersome, it allows me to walk normally.

Yesterday I searched my socks drawer for a pair of big, sloppy socks, to wear one on my exposed right foot. Why? It has turned chilly here. It's only in the 50's. This year of 2013 may go down as one of the craziest weather years to date.

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