Sunday, February 17, 2013

Peder's kids

Friday night Aurelia had a "sleep-over" at my home. It had been some time, and she was quite excited. We went out to eat, shopped in a grocery store, and came home to watch a movie. Then it was bedtime. Bless her heart, she let me stay in bed until a little after 7, which is always welcome to me on a Saturday  morning.

After a breakfast of waffles, she played with my dolls, and then we played a few games of "Trouble." She easily beat me on the first two games.

When I was overtaking her on the third game, she didn't want to play any longer. That's typical five year old behavior, right? So we put it away. After playing with Nels and watching another movie — one which follows with questions relating to the movie, we had our lunch and then got ready to go to a little surprise birthday gathering of one of my choir friends.

Once home from the birthday party, we started to prepare for Peder, Sarah, Felix and Leo to come over for an early supper. I had every intention of having Aurelia help me in the morning with making red jello with sliced bananas, but wouldn't you know it: I had forgotten to buy the jello when we shopped at the grocery store the night before.

Aurelia helped a bit with setting the table and then played with some toys while I started dinner. In a few minutes, her family arrived. After that, things were pretty "busy" in my small home. It was fun to see them again. Felix is now big enough to sit on the Amish stool; Leo now sits in the booster chair. My, time flies!

Felix, 2 – turning 3 May 1

Leo, 10 months

Felix, enjoying strawberry short-cake

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