Saturday, February 02, 2013


I spent a greater part of today moving furniture in my cottage. My goal was to make the seating better for entertaining friends for "movie nights." Moving this and that, I unearthed some things I haven't seen for years - you know, things tucked away — "out of sight, out of mind."

Speaking of moving, one of the things I found was an old address list. At the time this list was created, Hans was stationed on the USS Carney, and lived in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida; Peder lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Heidi lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota; my brother and sister, and her husband, lived just north of Highway 14 in Rochester, Minnesota; my friends, Jim and Lil, lived in Waseca, Minnesota; my nephew Keith lived only 2 blocks north of me in Woodstock; my friend, Sandy, lived in Plymouth, Minnesota, my cousin Linda lived in Chicago, Illinois (not in the same residence as she lives now); and 3 people are no longer with us: Aunt Liz, Uncle Vic, and my dear friend, Cassie. Oh, and I lived in an apartment in Eden Prairie. Wow! That's a lot of moving!

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Pat said...

Once in a while you have to clean and move things so you know what you have. I know that well. I like the arrangement--what I can see of it anyway.