Friday, June 01, 2012

New patio — phase 2

Today when I came home from work, I found the concrete people starting to put the finishing touch on my new cement patio. Since the procedures were new to me, I found it interesting to stay in the background to watch. The foreman told me they poured 2 yards of high-grade cement to fill the forms. "2 yards? That doesn't seem like much." I was thinking of 2 yards of fabric. But he meant 2 cubic yards which he said was 2 tons. Wow! I had no idea. The patio looked quite smooth to me, but I was told they were waiting for it to dry a bit more so it could be swept? "Swept? Why would you change the nice, smooth surface?" He explained the sweeping adds a bit of texture, thus making it so the surface isn't slippery. Good idea.

While I went inside to get them a soft drink, the daddy Chickadee landed in the wet cement and left some little footprints. They were just smoothing it out when I returned and they told me what happened. I said I wouldn't have minded them being left in, but they said, "Not on our job. We want it flawless."

They'll return tomorrow morning to remove the forms.

If you look closely, you can see the daddy Chickadee sitting on the perch just outside the opening. He is so cute — and busy going back and forth with food for mama and the babies. Yes, I can hear babies in there now. I don't know when they were born, but I sure hope I'm fortunate to see them when they fledge from the bird house.

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