Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My 7th Saturday In a Row

Here it is, Wednesday morning, but it feels like my 7th Saturday in a row! That's vacation for ya!

We have had such a great time, doing something special each day since arriving in Seattle. We've been to the Museum of Flight, where we toured a retired Concord, Air Force One, and others. We have taken the light-rail to downtown Seattle, shopped at Pike Place Market, and taken the monorail to and from the Space Needle, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Next up: Mount Rainier, where we drove yesterday. While it wasn't the prettiest of days, it was grand, just the same! We witnessed a couple of young deer, wild flowers, and some beautiful birds. Going to the end of the road - Paradise - is only some 5, 500 ft above sea level. We are no where near the top - some 14,000 feet, but we are witnessing the remnants of the winter snows - still a good 15 feet (or so) high. Marshall and Heidi made snow balls and threw a few. I've been taking many, many pictures, but will wait to post any until I am home, working on my own computer.

This morning, my sister and I are going to take a little road trip. We're driving to one of my favorite places in Washington state - Leavenworth. This amazing community was once a thriving railroad town, but when the route was moved, it began to decline. Community leaders took a big chance and completely renovated their area to a lovely Alpine Bavarian village. This will be my fourth visit to this special spot - first time in summer. It's quite exciting!

More later . . .

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