Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy 7th Anniversary, Peder and Sarah!

Seven years ago yesterday, we celebrated the marriage of Chad and Heidi at their BBQ get-together at Chad's parents' lovely home in Hudson. It was a beautiful day! They had eloped to Hawaii in February and wanted this BBQ as their "reception." All of our family was there for this special occasion.

Also, on this fine weekend, Peder and Sarah, who had become engaged a couple of months earlier, invited the immediate family to a brunch at Sarah's home for Sunday morning, to celebrate that occasion. When we arrived at the invited time of 10 am, they weren't there. Hans, Rachel and Josiah had spent the night with them and told us Peder and Sarah had gone to the grocery store and weren't back yet. Also invited was our good friend, Jodi, and a couple of Sarah's girl friends. At 10:15, Jodi reached into her purse and took out an envelope for each family member. We opened them to read: Please come to the ??? park on the Mississippi River Road by 10:30 to attend our wedding. "What?? Your wedding?"

Yes, they were dressed in wedding clothes, there was a minister, flowers, and music. They invited us to their "Surprise Wedding!" It really was fun, and there was no stress about what to wear, etc. You can see a photo of it here.

Oh, and one more happy event of that "big weekend" was hearing this news from Hans and Rachel, who would soon be moving to Japan: "We're expecting a baby!"

I will always remember this happy weekend seven years ago.


Sarita said...

Awww, thanks Donna.
Here's a link to a photo everyone can see

MamaD4 said...

Me and my goofy hat! We still wondered how you didn't pass out from pure joy that weekend Donna! Wedding reception, wedding, second grandchild announcement. It was quite the trifecta!

Congrats to Peder and Sarah--you have accomplished much in seven years!