Saturday, February 18, 2012

Felix Came to Visit

This morning, Peder and Sarah brought Felix to my home for me to watch while they take Aurelia to see The Secret World of Arrietta, a newly released movie. It's so fun that some of my grandchildren have reached the age of seeing movies.

Preparing for Felix's visit, I brought my booster seat and a toy train in from my garage. I also located a few books I thought he would enjoy having read to him.

Per usual, the first place they head to after coming in the door is to my piano. Since it it digital, it has lots and lots of buttons, each producing a different sound or action. They love pushing the buttons to see what they can create. Actually, there is a "record" button that can be pushed and then their "music" can be played back to them. Fun! Also, there are about 40 or 50 professionally recorded selections that I often play for them. It's nice, enjoyable music of many styles.

I saved the train for us to play with until Felix's family left. After shutting the door, I asked him if should get out the train. His big, brown eyes lit up as he said, "Train!" We played for it for a little while, and then I offered him a treat: milk and cinnamon graham crackers. Then we sat down to read. He was interactive for the first two, and then I felt his body relax and eyes began to close. I continued to read, making certain he was sleepy. Sarah had told me he hadn't napped yet, so I took this opportunity to take him to my bedroom to lay him down for a little rest. I removed his shoes, and put him in the pack-and-play. He lay down right away, took the book, and let me put a little blanket on him. I gave him a sippy cup with some milk, and left the room. That was 20 minutes ago. He went right to sleep. What a little angel.


-Peder said...

This was so helpful to us! Thanks again!

DD4 said...

I enjoyed our time together, Peder. Felix is a delight!