Friday, January 27, 2012

VW Beetle

1966 model.

It was in this car we drove out east for a vacation to Gettysburg and Washington, D. C.


It was in this car that we moved to Illinois.

It was in this car that we drove to California (on Route 66) with Hans. We saw Disney Land, Sea World, the US Navy base in San Diego, where we spent time with Jerry; Tijuana, Mexico; the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena (stayed with Cece and Abby); Solvang and San Francisco, California (I LOVED Solvang!), Reno, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Did you know the VW Beetle first came to the United States in 1938? That's 74 years ago! Wikipedia says over 21 million were manufactured, making it the longest-running and most manufactured car of a single design platform in the world. Was it pretty? - no. Practical? - yes. Economical? - yes.

I think I got my first introduction of a VW Beetle when my brother bought his first one. It was so different, but cute.

We (Steve and I) got our first one in 1966 - a tan one. I remember the sticker price (this was a brand new car) was $1,949. Isn't that something?! That car was followed by a light blue one in 1968. Then in 1972, we bought the red Super Beetle, which had a bigger trunk (in the front). All three of these cars had the engine in the back. The 1968 model had a gas heater, which heated up the car in about 60 seconds - melting any ice off the windows. The other two had only the standard heater which ran off the air-cooled engine. This meant you didn't really get any heat until the car was running at or above 50 mph. Brr!

We went on to have other VWs: 2 Rabbits and a Vanagon. There have been many, many VW owners in our family. Uncle Allan once had a Karmann Ghia. Hans has had a couple of the VW Beetles - one was a beautifully restored 1977; at least 2 Jettas, and a Passat. Peder has had the VW pickup. Jerry has had so many, I can't remember all of them, but I know he owned at least two VW Gulfs. I need to add this: Heidi now drives a Jetta.

Today I am the proud owner of the final edition of the New VW Beetle, produced in 2010. It is one of 1500 made in this edition. Mine is #924/1500. I really, really like it. Prior to that, I had one of the first year editions - 1998. My boss's wife now drives it.


MamaD4 said...

And now we've moved on to Volkswagen's big sister, Audi. I can't imagine my life without a VW-Audi Group vehicle in it! I bought my first Jetta in 2001 and Hans bought me a new model in 2003 and our Passat wagon (love, love, loved that car) in 2005. I would still be driving it if not for William (whom I wouldn't trade, of course). Thanks for the history!

-Peder said...

I was just talking about the VW pickup this week. I got nearly 60 miles to the gallon with my little diesel. And the cabin was so small that it warmed up in about two seconds. Loved that little thing.

Lil said...

Fun read. You should send that in to Volkswagon headquarters.