Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Concerts

This has been a busy week and continues to be, for this weekend, beginning tonight, are our three Christmas concerts at church. The theme this year is Emmanuel, God with Us. We have a concert tonight, one tomorrow night, and the final one on Sunday afternoon.

For a little while I thought I would be unable to sing in the concerts this year due to my absences - my sprained ankle and bad cold/cough. But I'm feeling so much better now and was able to return to rehearsals a couple of weeks ago. It's been so fun to use my voice again (it had gotten a little rusty) and be reunited with my choir friends.

Tonight Rachel's parents, grandmother, and aunt and uncle are going to be attending. This is so nice of them!! I think they have come every year for as long as I have known them (except this will be a first for Grandma Bernita). I'll get a chance to visit with them for a little bit.

Last year, our Saturday concert - and Sunday morning worship services - were cancelled due to a big snow storm. We don't have that threat this year (Thank You, Lord!). It will, however, be very cold for those attending tonight. I think the temperature is to drop to 2 degrees. Brr!


MamaD4 said...

I'm so glad everything worked out so that they could be there. It really means a lot to them to be there! Good luck!

DD4 said...

Rachel, it was so nice to see your family again. I really appreciate their desire to be there every year. Your mom said it's a given that they are to be invited every year from now forward, and they want to be invited to our Spring Festival in April, too. She added that the Christmas concerts feels like a start to their Christmas.

It's fun for me to know I have family there.