Friday, November 19, 2010

A Tree Glows in Bloomington

This morning I heard a news story of a Bloomington man and wife with a 53 foot oak tree on their property. Since 2001, it has been their gift to the community to decorate that tree with thousands of lights. Apparently it can be seen for miles - and also happens to be visible to all who fly into the twin cities toward the north/south runway at Minneapolis*Saint Paul International Airport. Tonight I decided to drive that way to see it for myself. It is awesome!! You owe it to yourself to see it!

I tried to take a photo of the tree, but one needs a better camera than I have for it to turn out. To see the newspaper article (with photo), click here.

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Pat said...

OMG!! That is amazing. I can't imagine how they got all those lights around that tree. And to have all of it working. WOW!! Putting lights on Christmas trees is one of my least favorite things to do.