Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dear Friends

Our Red Hat Sewciety traveled to Fergus Falls today to have lunch with Joanie, who was one of our members, but retired from our office in May and moved there with her husband to their new apartment which is built on their daughter's acreage. Construction began several months before their move and so we were curious to see everything. What a nice place!

Joanie fixed a delicious lunch of salad, chicken/broccoli/cheese filled crepes with pumpkin pie for dessert. We had a good time of visiting and catching up.

The drive up and back was very nice. I hadn't been up that direction since Heidi moved away from Grand Forks, ND. I had forgotten how pretty it is around St. Cloud and Alexandria. Another thing that surprised me was some of the similarity to Germany - - small towns with gorgeous, big churches and tall steeples.

Apparently the Fergus Falls area had a big snow storm a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't heard that. Today we saw remaining snow in the ditches and on some of the banks! I'm sure not ready for that.

It was good day spent with friends.

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Pat said...

Fun!! Enjoyed reading about your day and the journey to Fergus Falls. Snow --it is just a waiting game for all of you up there. You know it is coming eventually and it could be any time. I like the fact that I do not have to wear bulky coats, mittens, and boots. It is really weird though to think it is November and the weather is so like summer.