Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm an animal lover - well, I love many animals. My favorite large animal is the giraffe. I have had more than a few pets in my life time: fish, cats, one dog - a St. Bernard, and canaries. At the present time, I have two pets: a beta fish at my office named Jonah, and a canary in my home, Peppi, who turns 3 years old this coming Wednesday, September 29.

Today Peppi got his cage cleaned, which is sort of an ordeal, but one that makes me feel like I've accomplished something when all is washed and put back together again. Canaries are singers, and unlike most other pet birds, are not meant to be handled. Peppi lives his days in a very pretty white cage, next to corner windows, which allows him to see activity outside as well as me and any guests I have. About every six months, I have to reach into his cage to catch him in one hand in order to gently hold him to clip his claws. He is very quick, and flies from one side to the other; to the top and then to the bottom. With a little luck and patience, I'm able to grab him. The first time I had to do this, I was as frighten as he was. I held him ever so gently, being careful to not squeeze him too tight. I could feel his little heart pounding. He pulled his nails into a fist-like position, and I had to carefully unfold each toe to clip the nail, being sure to not trim too close to the blood supply. When I had done all the toes, I placed him back inside his cage and let him try to compose himself. But today I decided to hold him just a bit longer and I stroked the top of his sweet little head. It was really nice getting to touch him in this way. And I think he liked it.

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