Friday, September 10, 2010

The Last Seven Days

The last seven days have been full to the top! No wonder I'm tired today. Here's a recap:
  • Friday: drove to Branson, Missouri, with Aunt Liz, Pat, Janet, and my sister-in-law, Donna. This trip took us 14 1/2 hours - a trip that usually takes my friends Jim & Lil 9 hours - reason being we have more needs and probably more interests. Also, we got on a wrong highway in Kansas City and ended up in a big traffic jam due to an overturned tanker.
  • Saturday: walked over a mile in Lil's beautiful neighborhood, including touring two new model homes. In the afternoon we went to see Noah, the Musical, which is a fabulous portrayal of the Biblical story. After going to a pizza place for supper, we went to the show, The Haygoods, which features a family of seven who sing and play various instruments. It was very enjoyable.
  • Sunday: we went to church with Jim & Lil and spent the rest of the day at their home - visiting, eating, and singing, and capped off the day watching a very nice fireworks display from across the lake. Also, this was Hans' 40th birthday, so I called him and we got to chat for a little bit. He was a bit distracted due to unpacking things from their move.
  • Monday: this was mostly a repeat of Friday, only we made it home in 13 1/2 hours, shaving off an hour. I'm trying to decide if I'm a candidate for long car trips in the future.
  • Tuesday: back to work. Since I had been off on Friday, I had tons of emails and other work to do. I ended up working nearly 9 hours.
  • Wednesday: after working all day, I went to choir rehearsal.
  • Thursday: after once again working all day, I went to a pot-luck supper at a friends' home where we watched the Vikings take another licking by the Saints. On the way home, a loosely capped jar of bread & butter pickles spilled inside a cloth bag on the floor in my new car. I knew right away I was smelling vinegar, but couldn't stop on the highway.
  • Today: I took my car to a car wash where they shampooed the removable carpet mat. The pickle problem is solved. I'm going to clean Peppi's cage in a few minutes.
  • Tomorrow: I'm going to a big neighborhood garage sale that's held annually in a very nice neighborhood. Pat is going with me, and Sarah may join us there. Should be fun.

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