Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surprised Meeting You Here!

Rosy and yours truly

Felix and Aurelia

Tonight I took my little friend Rosy out to dinner. We had eaten most of our dinner when I went to get refills for our beverages. I just happened to look to my left and who do you think I saw? - - - - Peder! I could hardly believe my eyes. Had I not gone to the beverage area at just that moment and looked to my left, I would have never seen Peder and they would have left without us seeing each other. I almost NEVER see anyone I know as I frequent various places around the twin cities. Neither of us were in our "neighborhood." Peder, Sarah, Aurelia and Felix came to our table and I got to introduce them to Rosy.
After we finished eating, we joined Peder and his family at a neighborhood park where Rosy and Aurelia spent some time on the swings and the slide.

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