Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heidi and Marshall

Aurelia and Marshall



Marshall playing with Heidi's phone.

I've had so much fun while Heidi and Marshall have been with me the past few days. I hadn't seen them since February, and in that interval Marshall has changed quite a bit. He was walking in February, but not climbing steps and up into chairs and sofas. He's talking now, too. One thing that hasn't changed is his sweet smile. Of all my grandchildren, he is the only one with blue eyes, and he sure uses them to express himself.

While Heidi and Chad went to the Twins/White Sox game on Thursday night, I had Aurelia and Marshall stay at my home. They played together pretty well, and were a joy for me.

Yesterday Heidi, Marshall, Aurelia and I went to Austin to have lunch with our family there. It was good catching up with them. Then we drove to Rochester to have dinner with more of our family. I loved spending time with all of them.

News has it that all of my kids will be in the twin cities for Christmas! After five years - and five new grandchildren (Josiah is six), we hope to finally be together again. We have a lot of catching up to do!

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