Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shiny, shiny, clean

Now and then I get a front row seat to see Peppi, my canary, taking a bath. This morning, while eating my breakfast, I was a witness to this fun event. It is an adorable sight. First he takes a drink or two of the water, then he hops into the tub and begins dipping his head in the water and splashing water all over. He dips and shakes many times over, followed by hopping out of the tub onto a perch to shake out some of his feathers. Often he returns to the tub to dip a few more times. Finally, he flies to his upper most perch and begins to preen, using his beak to smooth his feathers into place. He shakes and preens, shakes and preens. It's a necessary task for Peppi to stay healthy. And it's very cute.

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