Sunday, January 24, 2010

She said what?

Aurelia spent the weekend with me (well, part of it), and it was really nice. She is a delight to be around. This visit I noticed the fun things she says and decided to write some of them down. For instance, last night, while watching Antiques Road Show, a couple of pencil drawings of boxers were being evaluated. Aurelia looked at the TV and said, "It's not nice to fight." A little later on, the collection of a WWII vet was being appraised. One of the photos was the blimp that the pilot flew. Aurelia said, "Dirigible." What? How could a two year old possibly know this word?

This morning when I was putting on her shoes, one shoe was going on a little crookedly and she said, "Come on, shoe. Cooperate!" Then while driving to church, she asked if we were going to my office where she showed me her costume and saw my fish. My goodness, that was way back in October when Peder brought her by to show me her Halloween costume! What a memory. And that's not all, each time we get within 3 blocks of the church building, she asks where the ducks are (Canada geese are always hanging out near this particular pond and she knows before we get there to expect them.).

Today we had a 36 piece orchestra accompanying our choir. During our warm-up, Aurelia sat with me. Many choir members make it a point to come over to greet her and she is very friendly to them. When the orchestra members opened their scores to play, Aurelia said, "They're going to read their stories." Then she said, "That's a big guitar (the bass fiddle)! She loved watching the instrumentalists. At one point she recognized the triangle being played by the percussionist.

To you moms out there, please share some of the fun things your kids are saying. It's delightful. Kids today are way past Dick and Jane.

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C. Randy said...

Ok, I'm not a mom, but as a dad I recall a few "choice" lines from my sons... so I couldn't resist making a contribution here. I clearly recall, back when our oldest son Chuck, whose now a Major in the AF, was about 3(?- ratz, I wish I'd noted his age back then!) I couldn't find my car keys. So, knowing he liked playing with them, in desperation I asked, "Chuck, have you seen my car keys?" To which he promptly replied in a matter-of-fact serious way, "I don't know and I'm not telling."