Saturday, January 16, 2010

Putting My Christmas Decorations Away

This may be the longest I have left up my Christmas decorations, but they're being put away today. The biggest reason they're still up is due to the cold weather we've had.

My containers for nearly all of my decorations are stored in the garage, and I happen to have a garage that's not handy. It's about 70' or more from my front door. And to get to my shelving, I have to back out the car.

A few years ago I thought of a solution, inspired by the film The Shawshank Redemption. If only I could secretly dig a basement under my unit (you know, spoonful by spoonful - taking any dirt far away from here in a cottage cheese container), I could double my square footage, and eventually dig a tunnel to my garage, eliminating any need to trudge through snow to get to my car. The new underground space could also serve me well in summer during any tornado warnings. Wouldn't this be cool?! So far, it remains only in my dreaming state.

I just checked and it's now 27 degrees. As soon as I've had my lunch, I guess I'll make a few trips back and forth to my garage. It will be nice to have my decorations stored again until next Christmas.


MamaD4 said...

We're all getting a laugh out of your idea...imagining you taking the dirt out container by container!

It could work and wouldn't that be nice? More room for dishes!

Hans and Jodi are playing Monopoly...pray that this ends well as I've heard rumors about them playing games!

Pat said...

It is going to make your house look fresh and new when they are taken down and put away. I saw that there was a warmup in MN. I called Mom and said "I suppose you do not want to come now that the weather is so nice up there." It is supposed to be nasty here next week. Rain and cold. I guess when it rains it tends to flood easily. A little cool today but still very nice. Miss all of you back home.