Saturday, September 12, 2009

New TCF Stadium

Tonight the Minnesota Golden Gophers are playing Air Force in the first ever game in the new Twin City Federal Stadium. The last time the Gophers played outside was November 21, 1981. I've seen many news stories of the progress of the stadium, which is supposed to be the best in the US. You can see impressive images here. The Video board in the East End Zone is the third-largest video board in all of college football - 48 feet high by 108 feet wide. The overall cost to build TCF Bank Stadium was $288.5 million. As I write this, the score is 20 - 10, Minnesota, in the 4th quarter.

Let me tell you, I would love to be watching it in person. Hopefully someday.

Post Script: Final Score -- Minnesota 20; Air Force 13. Yay! GO GOPHERS!!

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-Peder said...

The most interesting factoid to me is that TCF stadium is the first new stadium in the Big Ten since 1960. And most of the ones that are being used were built back in the 20's. That's quite a bit of tradition out there.