Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let the strong winds blow . . .

. . . I believe I'm as ready as I can be. Today I had new windows installed in my home. Prior to the arrival of the installers, Sarah and Aurelia came for Sarah to take down the pale mauve mini blinds in my bedroom which were here when I moved in. I have never liked those blinds, but they functioned fine, and were always covered up with my window treatments. In the past couple of weeks I made the decision to get rid of them and put in white Plantation blinds such as I have on my other windows, making everything uniform from the outside. Sarah is so good at doing anything mechanical - she amazes me! I got to play with Aurelia for a little while, and that is always fun. She has the cutest smile, and she's so smart. We got out a doll and doll cradle, and she picked up the baby, hugged her tight, then put her back into the cradle and and covered her up with a blanket. It was darling!

Finally at 10:30 a man came to do the job. He told me his partner hadn't shown up. I thought the rest of the day may go poorly, but it didn't. It just took a little longer than I had imagined. I watched as the old windows were removed and noticed how much brighter the new ones seemed. I imagine it is due to them being constructed with white vinyl, rather than dark stained wood. When the windows were totally fitted, he carefully caulked around the outsides, and then the insides. Then he rehung my blinds, and even mounted the hardware for Sarah for my new bedroom blinds. Sarah stayed to help me return some of the furniture to its place and clean up a bit, and then took a very tired Aurelia home. I must say, it was really fun being with my family again! Thank you, Sarah, for all of your help and for making TWO trips to my home today. I owe you.

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