Tuesday, October 07, 2008

An Alternative

If you live in Minnesota, you know how much we have been hammered with political commercials. I think they started in May, 2007 - this is not an exaggeration! I have memorized the location of my "mute" button on my remote. And quickly change the radio station when one begins.

Just Saturday I got a call from a pollster asking me one question: On the idea of abortion, are you a) in favor of it; b) in favor of it when the health of the mother is at risk; c) in favor of it for reasons of rape; d) never in favor of it? If you know me, you know my answer.

Tonight is the third debate on TV. I'm glad I have a previous engagement - - my knitting club. Oh, the TV will be on, but I don't have to watch or listen to it if I choose not.

I'm really tired of this whole thing. If we lived in England, I believe the candidates would get 4 weeks to campaign. That's sounding really good to me.

Oh, I know, at least we live in a land of free speech and have the right to vote - even the women - but a big part of our national debt could have been eliminated with the $$$ that are being spent on this election. Agree?

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MamaD4 said...

Yeah, that's one good thing about AFN (Armed Forces Network). We don't see political ads. We don't see any ads except the cheesy ones homemade by AFN. They're terrible, like public-access cable.

I would almost welcome a couple of political ads!