Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday in Rhode Island

It's cloudy and raining again today. Chilly too. The daffodils here and there add some cheer to the dreary skies - as do Josiah and Annika.

Today Josiah spent the day at preschool. He was there from 9 to 4, which I think is a long time for a little one. While there he played with other kids, made two art projects: painted a tree and made a kite, had his lunch, and took a little nap. When we picked him up, we got to see the tree painting, and Josiah introduced me to the class hermit crabs, Crabby and Patty. He is getting to be such a big boy. When he had his coat on and was ready to leave, he turned to the other kids and said, "Goodbye, friends." They all said goodbye and waved.

After dropping him off at school, Rachel, Annika and I went shopping. I picked up some new yarn since I had finished the prayer shawl I had been knitting last night. We wandered around Michael's a bit. It was really interesting seeing the different decorating items offered here on the east coast - light houses, bags of beautiful seashells, sea glass, baskets made from rope. It made me think of my next door neighbor who turned her extra bedroom into a sea side cottage/beach house. She would have loved the things I saw! I'll be sure to tell her about it the next time I see her.

Annika loved shopping with us. She is so cheerful all the time. All the clerks say she is adorable. Do I argue? Are you nuts?! She's beautiful!!

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