Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Children's Museum in Providence, RI

This morning we took a little trip to Providence to tour the Children's Musuem there. Believe it or not, this was my first trip to such a place! It was really full of curious kids. I enjoyed watching their enthusiam.
Josiah and Annika have been to the one in Boston, which Rachel said is much larger with more space for the activities, but this one was okay. Josiah took me by the hand and off we went. He wasn't afraid of trying anything. But the first thing that really attracted him was a building site, complete with hard hats, florescent vests, a crane, beams (styrofoam), and other tools. He climbed up the ladder and joined about 15 other kids and immediately found a beam that he wanted to bring with him down the ladder. Once on the floor again, I explained the beam should be attached to the crane (with a Velcro strap) and raised up by the crane to the building site. He complied and watched another boy raise it up with the crane. He seemed to like it.

Another room had a slide, tunnel, and lots of little animals. Annika loved the slide and running through the tunnel. She also climbed into the little teeter-totter rocker. Josiah was compelled to line up all of the animals. He has such organizational skills!
Probably the most fun room for both of them was the water room. Many pools of water filled this room and they had balls, boats, watering cans, and other toys that the kids could play with. Both Annika and Josiah spent lots of time adding balls to the tubes where water moved them down to the bottom. The museum supplied some plastic aprons; Josiah was one of the lucky ones to get one. But by the time we were ready to leave, their sleeves were soaked. They had fun, and grandma had a good time too. :-)

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