Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun at Sunland Village East

I really enjoyed my two week stay at Sunland Village East with my sister and cousins Pat and Pudge. Every day the weather was really nice so it was great to be outdoors. Sometimes I simply went for a walk. Other times Janet and I went on an errand or shopped a bit.

During the first week I discovered a mourning dove sitting on a nest in the neighbor's patio. Each time I walked past the nest, I made sure I greeted the mama. It may have been the daddy, but I preferred to call it mama. One day I saw some little heads sticking up near the mama's breast. One afternoon we watched the other parent fly in for a change of command. They were still there on the day we left, so I told them good-bye and wished them a nice summer.

This is yours truly with new friend Joan.
Pat and I managed to go to the pool four mornings for water aerobics. It was so much fun and the other women were so friendly. After our session we would sit in the hot tub for a little while.

On Sunday morning we went to church and saw our good friends John and Judy Otto. Judy's dad was our minister when we were growing up so I feel especially close to her. A couple of days later other friends from our youth group at church invited us over for lunch.

L to R: Jo Anne, Wayne, Janet, John, yours truly, Sonja, Judy

Here are some photos that show my sister's condo.

The flowers around the village were gorgeous!

L to R: Pat, Pudge, Janet
One night I went out for pizza with high school friends, Dick and Kaaren Wuertz. They own a home in Sunland Village East, too, and during the evening they drove me past the homes of three other people who graduated with us. Small world! I have known Dick since kindergarten.

(I took this photo of Dick and Kaaren off the Internet.)

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