Saturday, December 10, 2016

Post Surgery

A week ago yesterday, December 2, I had surgery. According to the surgeon, it went well, though it "was a lot of work," as he put it. Surgery lasted over 4 hours. There was a lot of scar tissue to work through and extensive "clean up." I took this to mean it was due to surgery last year in the same area of the back.

My stay in the hospital was pleasant. The nurses and assistants were excellent. My visitors included my sister, friend Bonnie, co-worker Paul and his wife, Esther, co-workers Jenny and Jill, and my friend, Jolene. Some brought me flowers, but I had to leave them behind because of Nels.

Heidi came in Monday afternoon. My friend, Nancy C picked her up at the airport, which was a little hairy since Heidi's flight was delayed in Seattle, but not noted on the arrival board at Minneapolis. While Heidi was at my home, she went through several kitchen cabinets and my buffet in my living room and after discussing it with me, she helped me part with 11 full bags for charity. I really appreciate it. She and I enjoyed a pizza supper with Peder and his family and a chicken dinner with my brother and sister.

Now, a week since surgery, I am moving pretty well, taking showers, and managing pretty well. I haven't ventured out yet, and don't care to since it is so cold outside.

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