Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Trip to Washington, D. C.

Last week I flew to Washington, D. C., to visit Hans and his family. I arrived at Reagan National Airport on Wednesday afternoon and Hans was there to pick me up. Driving from the airport to his home, he pointed out the Pentagon to me. I also noticed the Washington Monument and the U. S. Capitol. Since I hadn't been there since 1967, this was very interesting to me. Of course, back then, there weren't so many cars or lanes for them.

There was no one home when we arrived at Hans' home. The kids were in school and Rachel was at work. Hans gave me a tour of their house, and that was fun. Rachel is really great at decorating. Here are a couple of photos I took.

These are wooden Japanese dolls on display

Japanese cabinet in Rachel's kitchen with Japanese plates, etc.

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