Thursday, June 30, 2016

Family Time Is the Best!

Seeing the sights is interesting and a lot of fun, but being with my family is the best part of my vacations. I loved playing with the kids – even though I stink at playing Mario Brothers! I enjoyed watching the movie "Inside Out" with the family, going down to see the pond – looking for turtles and spotting ducklings, going to church with Rachel, and listening in on their family Bible reading time.

On the last day of school, William declared he wanted to dress "fancy." Here he is relaxing after school was dismissed.

Annika is growing up to be a young lady. I loved watching two of the short movies she has produced and reading some of her story writing.

It was fun keeping score for the little volleyball game Annika and Josiah played with their neighbors Allen and Aaron. And I loved going with the family to see the new Pixar movie, "Finding Dori." I enjoyed petting their cat, Noko, too.

And then the sad part comes and I have to say, "Good-bye."

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